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COLUMBIA - Be sure to plan ahead for a safe ride home when taking on the town for New Year's Eve.

Premium Alcohol Distributor Major Brands, Inc. and supplier Beam Suntory is partnering with local ride service provider Lyft to offer a $30 ride credit.

The credit can be used from 4 p.m. on New Year's Eve to 4 a.m. on New Year's Day.

Safe Home After Every Occasion is a year round social responsibility campaign hosted by the company, with a mission to make planning a ride home a habit.

On Premise Sales Manager Kelly Collins said the company wants people to take advantage of the service.

"We're really trying to make planning a ride home a habit before you go out. So just like you would lock the door, or shut the door, or put the dog away, we want you to plan just like that to get a safe ride home," she said.

A frequent Lyft rider said she thinks it is great that Major Brands cares about the safety of people.

"Often times people make irrational decisions under the influence and with this service being offered, there is no excuse to make a bad decision."

Major Brands will also be offering free rides home on New Year's Eve in Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield.

"We're promoting those cities because Major Brands is a Missouri-based company. We've been around for 85 years, so we really would like to promote and advocate safe drinking in the communities which we serve," Collins said.

The company hopes to give away a total of 1,000 rides across Missouri.

To use this service, download the Lyft app and enter the special code.

Please visit Major Brands' Facebook or Instagram page for the code.