Freeburg business gets popular dinosaur landmark back

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FREEBURG - The drive through Freeburg, Missouri on Highway 63 doesn't take very long. But some drivers like to slow down and admire the Sinclair dinosaur on top of Dickneite Oil & Propane.

For about a month, though, the dinosaur hasn't been there. It had been stolen.

"I figured well they'll bring my dinosaur back in two or three days and we'll be alright," Dickneite owner Roy Plassmeyer said. "It went longer than that."

Dino has been a staple in the community for more than ten years and residents were concerned about its absence.

"Everyone wanted to know where the hell my dinosaur was," Plassmeyer said.

He said he was happy to receive the call when someone found it.

"Some young lady called me up at 9:30 and she said, 'Roy your dinosaur is along the road here,'" Plassmeyer said. "So I called up the beer joint and told my boys 'go pick up my dinosaur.' That's it, got him back. It's a good Christmas present."

Plassmeyer received another interesting phone call about a week before.

"Monday some guy called the office and my wife answered and said some guy wanted to talk to me," Plassmeyer said. "'Roy your dinosaur will be back by Christmas, plus three bags of gifts.' I said 'ok, you want to tell me your name?' 'Nope.' I said 'ok thank you.'"

The dinosaur was left on the side of the road a few miles up from Dickneite and it had something else with it.

Plassmeyer said three bags of dinosaur-related toys were left with it and he said they will be donated to a local Toys for Tots charity drive.

Had the dinosaur not been returned, Plassmeyer would have had to spend $3500 to get a replacement.