Friends Grieve After Teen\'s Body Found

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ELDON -- The Mayor of Eldon announced this morning that authorities found the body of seventeen-year-old Donald Parker.

Parker fell into a storm drain Friday during the severe storm. His friends say he was messing around when he fell.

Best friend, Madeline Cotten, said he joked about dying right before he fell into the storm drain. 

"I guess Donald put his feet in the water or something," Cotten said, "and then came up and said 'do you want to see your best friend die?' with his brothers. They were all down there. And he came back up and said 'just kidding.' But when he was getting up, he slipped and fell and grabbed a limb and fell backwards."

Another best friend, Charish Barnhart, said his death was a shock. 

"Donald was a great guy and was always there for everyone," Barnhart said. "He wouldn't let us get into any trouble, you know."

"His brother, Rusty, was trying to go after him," Cotten said. "Donald was like 'don't do it, don't do it.' And he was screaming down the storm drains 'I'm helpless, help me."

Cotten said Parker's brother, Rusty, chased him on the road and stopped hearing Parker after the second storm drain.

Mayor, Ronald Bly, of Eldon said authorities believe Parker died from severe head trauma. Authorities believe he hit his head on the second storm tunnel, where his brother Rusty stopped hearing him.

Neighbor Ronelle Schuster said there should have been warnings around the neighborhood about the danger of storm drains. Her kids wanted to go play near them the same night and she told them not to.

 "I think they should completely seal it off," Schuster said. "They should put fencing up."

The Mayor said this is the first time an incident like this has happened in Eldon.