Friends say Session grew up with his suspected shooter

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JEFFERSON CITY - Friends of Charon Session said Tuesday he grew up with his suspected killer, Alfred Chism, Jr., and went to church with him when they were kids.

Session was set to start his senior year at Lincoln University this week, but instead his friends will gather for a vigil in his honor Tuesday night.

Jefferson City Police said Chism shot Session around 3 a.m. in Jefferson City Monday morning.

Chism told police Session stalked him for days relentlessly. 

Session's friends paint a different picture.

"Charon should be remembered that he was not aggressive, he wasn't a harasser, he wasn't what he's being made out to be," Tilly Watson, one of Session's friends, said.

Watson said Sunday night before Session was killed, she was with him and other friends, participating in campus activities. Later that night, Session was supposed to hang out with friends, but did not answer any calls.

Watson said she was shocked when she first heard of his death.

"Disbelief, sharp pain that my baby was gone," Watson said. "It just, it doesn't make sense, because, again, like I said, it was a violent act. That man took him from us. Charon's not violent."

The Lincoln University cheer team is going to Memphis this weekend, for the Lincoln University vs. Lane College football game.

"Charon was so excited to go, he called and took off work, he was so excited to go," Watson said.

Watson said the cheer squad will be focused and dedicated, and the season will be "bigger and better than it would have before."

"He's supposed to be graduating with us, he's supposed to be cheering with us, he's supposed to be dancing with us. He can't do it, we'll do it for him," Watson said.

Another friend and fellow teammate, Brejai Washington, said Charon affected her so much in so little time.

"In the short amount of time we cheered together it was like the best time of my life," Washington said. "Practices were never dull with him, games were never dull with him, it was just so much fun, he was... oh man."

Washington said she's now focused on what Session would want.

"At this point, I'm all cried out. You know, I'm kind of just trying to focus on staying together because I know he would be telling us, 'get it together right now,'" she said.