Frozen Pipes Burst As Temperatures Rise

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COLUMBIA - When temperatures drop then rise again, pipes have a tendency to freeze and then burst. Pipes have been bursting in Columbia for the past few days, and Reggie Kinser of Service Master of Columbia, said his company has gotten six or seven calls to fix burst pipes since Christmas Eve.

Normally the company repairs five or six water-loss repairs a week, but he said it's normal for the numbers to rise this time of a year when pipes freeze, then thaw out.

"Once it begins to thaw out the split opens up, you get all kinds of water," Kinser said.

He said repairs like this usually take about three days, but they vary depending on the amount of water that floods into the building.

Kinser offered these tips to avoid bursting pipes:

  • Make sure your home or business is well insulated
  • Close any vents or ventilation systems in the winter
  • Make sure hoses are removed from spigots outside of the building