Fruits & Vegetables Picking Season Off to Late Start

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BOONE COUNTY - If you were planning on going strawberry picking, you are going to have to wait. The early May frosts have caused local fruits and vegetable crops to be delayed. Local farmer, Deanna Pickering reports this year's weather led to a loss of over 10,000 pounds of blackberries. Pickering also mentioned that blackberries are her farms most successful cash crop.

Like Pick and Pick, other farms are having late seasons too. The late seasons are bringing late cash flows for farmers. Lakeview Farms in O'Fallon Missouri reports that the weather has been affecting its crop too.

Currently, Pick and Pick is only selling asparagus, but hopes to have a profitable summer once the picking season arrives. Pickering adds, "Strawberries should be ready at the end of May." Although fruit and vegetable crops are arriving late this year, local pick-your-own farms are a "green" way to spend the rest of your summer.