Ft. Leonard Wood Hosts Career Fair For Military Spouses

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FORT LEONARD WOOD - Fort Leonard Wood Army Community Service hosted a military spouse job fair Thursday morning at the Fort Leonard Wood military base.

Lucy Roman is an army wife who attended Thursday's fair. She told KOMU 8 News she just moved to Missouri a year ago from New York, so attending a job fair like this one helped her get to know the area.

"I've been out looking for work, but when you don't know the area, and you don't know where to look, it's kind of difficult," Roman said.

She also said that her career as an Army wife, while it may be busy, is sometimes not enough to get by.

"Being an army wife is a hard career, but just being an army wife and just everything, it doesn't fulfill you. You want to do something outside of the house," Roman said.

Other military spouses told KOMU 8 News they see these job fairs as a way for them to meet other people who are facing the same problem as them, as well as giving them a chance to better themselves outside of their homes.

The national unemployment rate for military spouses in America is currently at 26 percent, three times more than the national unemployment average of 8.1 percent. Army Community Service Employment Counselor Dan Danzo said he sees this huge gap due to the fact that many military families constantly move around.

"People may have to give up a job at one location to come into another one, and you do not have a guaranteed job waiting for you," Danzo said.

Danzo said he feels hosting job fairs like this are a unique way for the Army Community Service to give back to those who sacrificed so much for communities and our nation overall.

"Spouses sometimes are not given as much credit as they shoud be getting. There is huge self-sacrifice in being an army spouse," Danzo said.

About 28 employers were represented at Thursday's job fair, including WalMart and Missouri S&T. Thursday's fair was the second job fair being held for military spouses. Danzo said the Army Community Service hopes to make this type of event a semiannual event in the future.