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FULTON - Fulton Public Schools, K-5, are out of classroom space.

"The main problem with space, is that we are out of it," Superintendent Jacque Cowherd said.

He said they have pushed up to the maximum class sizes that the state allows and have also added teacher aides in classrooms.

Cowherd said they are expecting another 10 to 15 students to enroll in kindergarten after Labor Day, which he said will really "crunch their space."

Scott Lowe, a parent of two students in the Fulton School District said, "The rooms are tiny and are bursting from the seams, there is no space to make them bigger."

Cowherd told KOMU there are a few solutions to the spacing issues. He said one idea would be to purchase an extra building and turn it into an elementary school. But this solution comes with issues, including when it would be on the market and how the district might not be able to access it until this time next year.

The most popular solution is to add a kindergarten center onto the early childhood center.

"This creates a whole magnitude of space throughout the district versus just adding onto one building," Cowherd said.