Fulton Achieves Recycling Goal One Week Early

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FULTON - Fulton ended its city wide recycling challenge Monday, but reached its goal one week early. 

From April 1 to June 30, the city wanted to collect 45 tons of recyclable material through curbside collection.  Curbside recycling is a service in which recycling trucks pick up recyclable waste from households. Fulton achieved the goal the twelfth week of its thirteen week challenge. 

Public Information Officer Darin Wernig said the city increases the amount of recyclable items it collects each year. 

"Every April is our 'Clean 'n Green Week' and it includes 'Clean Sweep Saturday,' where people gather around the city and pick up trash," Wernig said. "And so we thought that would be a good starting point and just do the next two months as well, and this year we got more than 45 tons of recyclable items. Whereas if you look back just in 2010, we didn't even have 30 tons of recyclable items collected during that same time span," Wernig said.

One Fulton resident, Lenora Gibson, said having these recycling bins has made it more convenient for her.

"Before, they put out recycling boxes, we just put them at the side of the street," she said. "A lot of times the wind came along and blew it down into the neighbors yard. So when they came out with recycling bins we decided to get them."

Gibson said curbside recycling is not only convenient for her, but also for other people as well.

"A lot of times people won't even drive to take their stuff," she said. "It would be an inconvenience to them. I think this is a better way."

Places like Boonville do not have curbside recycling, but have other options like community collection sites and drop-off centers. Since April, an estimated 436 tons of recycled material have been diverted from landfill. On the other hand, cities like Glasgow are adopting curbside recycling soon. 

Recycling efforts increased in Fulton when its landfill closed in 2011. As a result, the city now has to take trash down to the landfill in Jefferson City. Having people recycle cuts down fuel costs.

For each recycling bin, it adds an additional $1 to a resident's monthly solid waste collection fee. The $1 fee was waived for the month of June if residents purchased these bins. The $1 fee will be waived again for July, as the city reached its goal.

Wernig said the city hopes to increase the goal for next year. To learn more about Fulton's recycling challenge, click here.