Fulton Administrator Urges Residents to Repair Hail Damage Locally

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FULTON - Hundreds of homes and vehicles are left damaged Friday from the large amounts of hail earlier in the week.

With the need to repair homes and vehicles, temporary vendors are appearing around Fulton to provide repair services.

Fulton's Administrative Office sent out a press release Friday to advise residents to carefully choose their repair specialist.

Director of Administration Bill Johnson said he encourages Fulton residents to continue to use local businesses for repair.

"I'm sure a lot of these temporary vendors that are coming into town are going to do a very competent and very honest businesses, but I would like to remind citizens and the community as a whole that there are many long term businesses in town and they would appreciate your business," Johnson said.

Many drivers have already started the process of repairing their vehicles and homes.

The Mary Martin office of Shelter Insurance said it received dozens of claims Thursday and Friday.

Some Fulton drivers said the cost of their vehicle hail damage ranges from $5,000 to $8,000.