Fulton business focuses on ability for workers with disabilities

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FULTON - Re-Made for a Purpose is not any ordinary resale boutique. The business has 10 adults with disabilities on its staff.

"That is our mission. To employ adults with disabilities," said co-founder Barbara Reid.

Re-Made for a Purpose held its grand opening on Saturday in the Fulton Brick District. 

"Our focus is on ability. So we look at what skills that they have and we utilize that skill set," Reid said.    

Both Reid and other co-founder Phyllis Swiney, taught at the middle school and high school levels, respectively. Their main focus was on students with disabilities. Reid was also the Director of Special Services in the Fulton School District. 

Employee Zane Miller said, "I am really blessed and honored to work with a teacher (Swiney) that I had at Fulton High School for four years. Never in my life, I never thought I would work here. It's been a pretty good experience for me."

Swiney and Reid retired after last school. Their focus is now on their business.  

"This is our dream," Swiney said.  

The co-founders have made a significant impact on many of the employees, who range in age from about 18 years old to the upper 50s.

"It gives me a feeling of being somebody and get out in the community and help others," said Matt Tucker. 

Re-Made for a Purpose is a faith-based business. It's employees are motivated by the verse Psalms 138:8, which says, "The Lord will fufill His purpose for me."

Swiney said, "We know that God does have a plan for each individual and Re-made is a part of fulfilling that plan, we hope, in our employees lives."  

Employee Katy Stinson said she is grateful and enjoys working at Re-Made for a Purpose because "people have jobs. They have friends that have jobs." 

Swiney said, "We have the most awesome employees in Callaway County and beyond."