Fulton City Council agrees with Callaway County Fire Chief\'s mutual aid agreement

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FULTON – The City of Fulton agreed with the concept of a mutual aid agreement between Fulton Fire Department (FFD) and the Central Callaway Fire Protection District (CCFPD).

Fulton Fire Chief Todd Farley said the agreement contains an automatic aid process.

“So what happens is the dispatcher receives the 911 call reporting the structure fire and now what will happen between the two different departments is the dispatcher will page out both Fulton and central Callaway at the same time,” Farley said.

Previously, one fire department would arrive to the scene and determine if they needed extra help, at which time they would call for their neighboring departments.

Farley said the automatic aid would really speed up response times for structure fires.

“It speeds it up and it really does provide an enhanced service to both jurisdictions,” he said.

The new mutual aid agreement will also cover car accidents on highway 54 to help get to those accidents faster.

Farley said many of the accidents that happen on highway 54 are trauma accidents that require the patient to be removed from the car and taken to a trauma center.

“Time is a critical factor with a trauma patient. So we also saw an opportunity there to be able to provide a faster service, more equipment and increases the safety to personnel working on the incident plus if mechanical extrication is needed were able to get these folks out of their vehicle a lot faster on their way to a trauma center,” he said.

Farley said the number of structure fires FFD and CCFPD were dispatched to were very similar, so he thought the agreement made a lot of sense.

The process had already been approved at the CCFPD by its board of directors and was waiting for FFD to get their side approved.