Fulton Community Gardens

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FULTON - A $60,000 Pioneering Healthier Communities Grant will help the Callaway County YMCA and the City of Fulton create community gardens this spring.

The Callaway County YMCA won the grant in 2009. The money will be split between four initiatives: educating school children about healthy living, healthier foods in schools, increased bike paths and providing access to more home grown fruits and vegetables.

To give more people an opportunity to grow and eat fruits and vegetables, the Callaway County YMCA and the City of Fulton will provide interested residents with land in a community garden and more.

"People will have access not only to the garden space, but maybe resources, expertise and assistance not only to help plant but help them nurture, grow and harvest fruits and vegetables," Patricia Miller, Callaway County YMCA Executive Director said.

Miller hopes the community gardens will be a part of Fulton's landscape for many years to come.

"Studies show it takes about three years to start a garden, to develop ownership in the community of that garden, and to be able to turn that over to the community folks to run that on their own," Miller said.

Besides the health benefits, the City of Fulton hopes the community gardens will help families cut down on their grocery bills.

"The people here in charge of the city thought it was a great idea, especially for a lot of people in these economic times who are trying to save money. And by having a community garden you can save money and grow your own food," Darin Wernig, Fulton Public Information Officer, said.

For more information about Fulton community gardens you can visit: http://fultonmo.org/city-of-fulton-seeking-interest-for-a-community-garden/

And if you want to get involved with community gardening in Columbia you can visit: http://cgc.missouri.org/