Fulton couple charged for Callaway County double homicide

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CALLAWAY COUNTY -- A Fulton couple was charged Wednesday, suspected in Tuesday's double-homicide.

Callaway County Sheriff Dennis Crane confirmed the names of the two suspects: Dale Horton and his girlfriend Jennifer Grayson. 
Horton's mother, Sherry Horton, and his brother-in-law Joshua Griffith were found dead from gunshot wounds at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday night at the family's home on County Road 324. 
Lt. Clay Chism said he believes the couple fled the scene in Horton's father's 2003 Toyota pick-up truck. The truck was later found along County Road 345.
Police arrested the couple at the Welcome Inn motel in Columbia around 9:30 p.m. Chism was unable to confirm how the two suspects got to Columbia since the truck was found in Fulton. 
Chism said he was very thankful for the help from neighbors throughout the beginning stages of the investigation.
"Everybody in the neighborhood was extremely cooperative, obviously they were very concerned what happened, but they were extremely helpful, we couldn't of asked for better support," he said.
Neighbors down the street said they heard the shots fired.
"The dog was barking, we saw flashlights but we didn't know who it was," Paul Forney said.
Forney said he heard helicopters fly over their house.
"We called dispatch and they seemed not to know who it was, but we knew it was law enforcement -- so we remained inside and kept quiet."
Chism and Crane said the investigation is still ongoing. They don't expect to have it fully completed for another two to three months.