Fulton Farmer's Market Location Helps Local Businesses

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FULTON - The goal of the Brick District Farmer's Market is to not only bring people to the area for the market, but also to increase local business.

Previously the farmer's market was held every Saturday in the Sutherland's parking lot, but since May the farmer's market moved to 5th Street in-between Market and Court. On Wednesday's the farmers still hold a market at Sutherland's.

"The downtown businesses actually invited us to come here," farmer Lesa Swartwuood said. "We had a meeting and had to vote to decide to go ahead and move from where we were. We are glad we voted to come here."

The farmers came to an agreement to move locations, but for Swartwuood it was a personal decision.

"My personal reason for voting yes was there has been a lot of talk recently about passing an Enhanced Enterprise Zone which our family was personally against," Swartwuood said. "We needed to try other things to boost up business in downtown Fulton, and so when downtown Fulton asked us to please be a part of this to help them I didn't feel like I could say no."

Swartwuood and her husband have participated in the farmer's market for the past four years.

"We generally do participate in the farmer's market and try not to ever miss," Swartwuood said. "We've participated in years past in other locations here in Fulton. We like being around the other farmers and meeting all the new customers."

The farmers agree there is something that makes their market stand out.

"This location has been more successful than some of the other locations in the past," Swartwuood said. "It is centrally located, we have other vendors on the other side of the street other than farmers that get people interested in stopping, and then the music has really helped out a lot I think."

The farmers have to pay to set up their booths at the market. The money goes into one bank account and helps pay for advertising and insurance. Across from the farmers there is the artisan side. Those vendors do not have to pay. Swartwuood said the artists are a little something extra for the customers.

The farmer's market runs until October.

For more information on the market visit Fulton Missouri Farmer's Market Facebook page.