Fulton Farmers Market Helps Brick District

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FULTON - In an effort to bring more people to downtown Fulton, business owners in the Brick District Association had an idea to relocate the Fulton Farmers Market to downtown Fulton. 

Previously, the Fulton Farmers Market was held in parking lots in the city.

After visiting other towns' farmers markets which are filled with crafters and musicians, "We wanted something like that" said Danielle Warren of the Brick District Association. "We thought it would be a great way to bring more people downtown." 

The farmers market opened for the first time in front of the Callaway County Courthouse on May 4 and so far, is helping local businesses. "The farmers market has gotten more traffic to the area," said Brian Atkins, owner of Brooklyn Pizza. Atkins said the farmers market has boosted his sales by allowing him to sell pizza to customers and vendors during the market. 

Warren agreed, "We've seen a lot more pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks and parking is a little bit harder to come by, which is a good sign." She added business, "lasts longer" on Saturdays. 

Helping local businesses is not all the farmers market's new location is doing. The new location is also revitalizing downtown. Longtime resident Kathy Kemp said, "Downtown Fulton looks like it did like I was growing up."

Organizers said they hope the new location of the farmers market has a community feel. "Really, it's for the community, more than anything, that we can all be proud of our town and have a thriving downtown." said Warren.

Vendors at the farmers market are excited to help the Brick District. Kathy Johnson is a crafter and heard about the farmers market on Facebook. "I love to see the businesses downtown revitalized," said Johnson.

The Fulton Farmers Market features local art, crafts, produce, and music and is open from 9 a.m. until noon each Saturday through October 26.