Fulton Firefighters Get Pay Raise

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FULTON - On Tuesday night, the Fulton City Council approved a pay raise for new firefighters. New firefighters will now be paid $9.50 an hour for the first six months they are on the job and then be increased to $10 an hour after the first six months.

This pay raise will also be applied to the current firefighters that are under the new minimums.

Brenna Gough, who supported the firefighters at the city council meeting, said she believes the firefighters should be more rewarded for their work.

"They risk their lives every day to keep all of us safe, and I think they are getting a raw deal," Gough said.

Todd Gray, Vice President of Fulton Professional Firefighters local 2945, said since July 20, 2012, the fire department has seen 10 firefighters relocate to new jobs. He said more pay would help retain the more trained and experienced firefighters.

"It's not fair for the citizens of Fulton to be training firefighters to send to another community," Gray said .

On August 11, the city council denied a 9 percent pay increase for all Fulton firefighters.

Jerry Sorte, Assistant Director of Administration for the city of Fulton, said the council did not find a nine percent increase in pay, for all firefighters, is being fair to all municipal workers.

"I think it's important to convey that we support our firefighters, we support all city employees and we think that if we're gonna consider pay increases it should be considered for all city employees at one time," Sorte said.

Sorte said the council did a job analysis of all municipal workers before it decided that department-wide pay increase would have been inappropriate.