Fulton Fireworks

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FULTON - When Susan Peterson of Cosmo Fireworks heard Fulton was going to allow fireworks within city limits, she was really pleased.

"That puts you closer to the customer and more convenient for them to stop by, instead of them finding me out on the highway somewhere."

Normally, Peterson is out on Highway 54, near the city of Fulton limits but this year, she was allowed inside. The end result was huge profits compared to years in the past.

"We've done a lot better this year. I'd say close to twice," said Peterson. "It's a good percentage."

Peterson decided to donate some of her profit from fireworks to the Kingdom Christian Academy. Her son, Caleb Peterson, hoped the money would go to a playground for students.

"Right now, we just have a basketball court," he said.

Fulton allowed fireworks to be detonated within city limits for the first time this year.  Fulton's Fire Chief, Dean Buffington, said it was a relatively quiet Independence Day, with no incidents resulting in damage or fire.

Fulton residents can set off fireworks July 3 through July 5 between the hours of 1 - 11 p.m. Peterson is happy the whole town was able to celebrate together.

"We're just all one family [in Fulton]." she said. "We're excited to be able to buy fireworks."

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