Fulton Fourth of July Parade Celebrates First Responders

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FULTON - The Fulton Fourth of July parade celebrated America, vintage cars and first responders Tuesday. 

The sixth annual parade normally honors veterans, starting with veterans from all wars at the first parade, then World War II veterans in the second year and moving to more recent wars with each passing year. 

Parade organizer Tom Maupin said the focus of this year's parade was shifted to first responders because all veterans from past wars had been honored. 

"I guess you could say we ran out of wars, so we'll honor those that are serving now at a later date. We just thought it was time to honor those that risk their lives everyday for us and worry about our safety and worry about our freedom," Maupin said. 

Parade attendee Charles Williams applauded the decision to honor first responders.

"I think it's a great idea that they honor the emergency personnel. I mean they're the front line people at home, us military, we're more overseas and other places and we need somebody here to protect the home, our families," Williams said.

Maupin said he hasn't thought about what group will be honored at next year's parade because he'll talk about it with the other organizers two to three months before next year's event.