Fulton Girls Soccer Perfect on Season

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FULTON - Just six games into the regular season, the Fulton High School girls soccer team has scored 29 goals. Through 21 games last season, the Lady Hornets scored 46 goals. The current pace would more than double that total for the season.

The team is 6-0, with three of those wins coming in conference play.

But perhaps what is more impressive is that the defense has allowed zero goals.

"Liz, our goalie, talks about how bored she is back there," said senior midfielder Kara Henry.

Coach Kati Wallace and the players are not surprised with the team's success.

"They took it upon themselves and have just exploded from the first game on," said Wallace. "And with each game you can see them just connecting more and more as a team."

Sophomore defenseman Anna Fink added, "Last year we couldn't move the ball as well, but this year we are getting the ball all over the field."

You could almost say there is a competition between the offense and defense to see which will keep the the streaks going the longest.

"I'd say probably because the offense is always looking to keep scoring and then we can't score so the only thing we can do is stop other people," said junior sweeper Rebecca Revak.

But to most of the players, even those on offense, the zero goals stat means more than the 29 they've scored.

"Definitely, I'm always with the defense, I think defense wins games," said junior forward Kate Sterner.

Either way, the team hopes to continue to win in dominating fashion.

Fulton returns to action Thursday night at home against Hannibal. Starting senior goalie Liz Foreman has missed practice following a car accident earlier in the week. Coach Wallace called the accident "minor" and hopes that Foreman will be available for the coming games.