Fulton gives kids candy in exchange for stream trash

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FULTON — The city of Fulton allowed kids to exchange trash for treats Sunday at their first Scream Clean event. 

Kids and parents walked along the trail by Stinson Creek in an effort to help raise environmental awareness, but also to have some Halloween fun.

Not only were kids able to receive candy for trash, they were able to learn about the stream.

“An event like this is really important just because of, trying to get the kids, the younger kids today, to realize how much stuff is actually in the stream, like the trash, but then some kids, you can walk by and they haven’t even seen like a craw fish before,” Westminster student volunteer Jack DeArmey said.

Planning for the event started around two months ago and the city wanted to teach and show people how they can volunteer to help the cities streams.

“The main goal is for people to realize how much fun you can have near our local streams, and with an event like this basically we’re looking for, promoting the stream team. We want to promote the stream team, get more people aware that hey I can volunteer for this,” Fulton Interim City Engineer Kyle Bruemmer said.

According to DeArmey, some parents did have that reaction.

“Sometimes their parents are like ya we should do this, and that’s really cool to see the parents trying to get their kids involved and show them that we need to do something about what is going on in our environment today,” DeArmey said.

Scholastics also pitched in by donating books for children to bring home, and kids who showed up in their costumes were entered into a raffle for a chance to win free pizza at Pizza Hut.