Fulton Historical Group Working to Preserve Mass Civil War Grave

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FULTON - A group in Fulton believes it has identified a mass Civil War grave in Callaway County.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans of Missouri used high tech radar to scan areas underground to locate the grave. The grave is from the battle of Moore's Mill, in which Union and Confederate forces fought in Calwood. 

The radar provided a graph readout of the ground, and marked any man-made disturbances underground, such as wells or graves. The radar indicated eight disturbances within one foot of where members of the group estimated the bodies would be. The group said there should be roughly eight or nine bodies in the grave.

With the site located, the group plan to build a monument dedicated to both the Union and Confederate soliders who died during the fighting. The Sons of Confederate Veterans Commander Noel Crowson said it doesn't matter which side the soldiers fought for.

"These young men were drafted, they didn't have political motivation," Crowson said. "They were simply serving their country, and they deserve to be honored."

Crowson said he envisions an obelisk with the names of the Union soldiers killed in the battle on one side and the names of the Confederate soldiers on the opposite side. The momument would also include a note on the base stating the soldiers died serving their country honorably.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans of Missouri will be collecting donations from the community to finance the memorial project. The finished project will include a fence around the grave site and the monument to the soldiers.

Those who would like to make a donation can call the Kingdom of Callaway County Historical Society in Fulton at 573-642-0570.