Fulton holds public forum to discuss Parks/Stormwater Sales Tax

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FULTON - The City of Fulton held a public forum to discuss the proposed half cent sales tax for the city's parks and stormwater improvements on Monday night at Fulton City Hall. Residents will vote on this proposal on Tuesday, April 5. 

"We've been going around town and speaking to different organizations to let people know about the tax, and this is just another way tonight to try and get the word out to the public," Darin Wernig, the public information officer for the City of Fulton, said.

Wernig said the City has been working on the proposal over the last year, and the proposed Sales Tax could generate approximately $750,000 each year. He said the City will split the money between stormwater and parks and recreation.

"It's a budgetary process. You won't necessarily have to split it 50-50, because there might be some years you need more money for stormwater or for parks and recreation improvements, and that would be something that would be decided by the city council," Wernig said.

The parks and recreation improvements include constructing a community/recreation center, five-field baseball/softball complex and an outdoor aquatic center. The stormwater improvements include adding curbs, gutter and storm water pipes.

"When it comes to stormwater, there are some items that we have to address through EPA [US Environmental Protection Agency] and the Missouri Department of [Natural] Resources. We do have to find ways- through sales tax or through the general revenue fund- of paying for those projects, and this sales tax will definitely help to pay for those projects," Wernig said.

Some Fulton residents believe the improvements are necessary.

"It's getting smelly in certain areas. It gets pretty bad, so we need to fix our pipes and stuff. Our roads are pretty bad because we got cracks everywhere." said Fulton citizen, Tevin White.

However, White thinks the City should spend money on something more valuable than parks and stormwater.

"True opinion, I think they are focusing on wrong things right now. They shouldn't been worried about the roads. I mean they are bad, but we shouldn't worried about that, we should be worried about the education system," White said.