Fulton Homeless Shelter to Shut Doors

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FULTON - The Wiley House, a homeless shelter in Fulton, will be closing its doors on October 7. This comes just a few days shy of its third anniversary. The house, located at 831 Jefferson St., houses up to 19 homeless residents a night.

The decision to close the house was made by board members from the Our House Foundation, which operates both the Wiley House and Haven House--a shelter for families. Our House board president Jim Cruickshank said the Wiley House has been losing $4,000 a month over the last several months.

"Our utility bills have been very high. Also, we pay three security guards a week to keep the houses safe," said Cruickshank.

He added that the Wiley House also lost a $39,000 emergency services grant and had its United Way funding slashed by $5,000 earlier this year. Although times have been tough for the Wiley House, Cruickshank said the board is still looking into options to help keep the house open. So far, two of the security guards have offered to work for a stipend at the Wiley House as long as they are allowed to live there.

The Our House board will meet Monday at noon at the Wiley House to discuss ways to keep the shelter open.