Fulton hosts largest surplus sale in city history

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FULTON - The City of Fulton's trash became the treasure of their residents with the largest surplus sale in city history on Saturday.

"We typically don't throw things away. We'll hold an event like this to let the community purchase materials that are no longer needed," Fulton Assistant Director of Administration Rob Barnes said. 

Barnes said the City of Fulton needed to clear out their warehouse since it had been about three years since the last surplus sale.

"Since we recently moved to a new warehouse facility from this location, we've cleaned out a lot of corners, backrooms, and come across quite an accumulation of materials that are no longer being used," Barnes said.

Planning for the event began in early January. The surplus sale also featured an auction hosted by Wolfe Auction and Realty.

"I've been to a few of these and the auctioneer here is real professional and it's always a good time to come out to one of her auctions," said Fulton resident Don Reno. 

The city hosts the sale and auction to give citizens the chance to purchase their unneeded materials.

"It's property that was purchased with taxpayer money and we think the right thing, the fair thing to do is give our taxpayers an opportunity to purchase, through this auction process to the highest bidder," Reno said. "But it gives them an opportunity to buy something that some of their proceeds would've gone to paying for in the first place."

The turnout for the event has impressed Barnes. 

"To this moment, I believe the sale has been successful. We've had a pretty turnout this morning. Lot of interest in the bidding ring and that's always a positive for the city as we work towards trying to dispose of this," Reno said.