Fulton leaders to discuss raising electric rates

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FULTON - City leaders in Fulton prepared Sunday to discuss raising electric rates.

The city's utility board is set to meet Monday afternoon to discuss whether or not an electric rate hike is necessary. Charlie James, who sits on the utility board, said he thought there might be a rate increase, but said he didn't know how much it would be, and stressed that no decision had been made on the matter.

The Fulton city council had the issue on its Tuesday Oct. 27 agenda.

"I think they will probably do pretty much whatever the utility board recommends to the city council," James said.

James said the city's finance office would provide a break-down to the utility board Monday of how much it costs the city to provide electricity to residents.

Kathy Holschlag, Fulton's chief financial officer, said the discussion comes at a time the city is spending much more money on electricity than previous years.

Holschlag said the city's last electric rate increase was in 2008. She said since then, the increase in electricity cost to the city had been "significant".

Marvine Rogers, who has lived in Fulton for more than 50 years, said a potential rate increase had good reason.

"If they have to pay more, then it's the only way to get thier money back is to raise our rates," Rogers said.

The utility board is set to meet Monday at 1:00 p.m. The city council is set to meet Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.