Fulton medical center

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FULTON - Fulton Medical Center employees went to a job fair Monday three days after learning the hospital would be closing. 
The Fulton Medical Center announced the hospital would be closing no later than September 22 in part because MU Health decided to sell its 35 percent stake in the hospital. The hospital’s 124 full-time employees and 34 part-time would lose their jobs. 
University of Missouri Health Care and Capital Region Medical Center held a job fair at the Country Hearth Inn from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Kym Huhman, an MU Health Care human resources recruiter, said they are here to help people through the application process. 
“Our goal here today is actually to expedite that process for them and help navigate the system,” Huhman said. "They are meeting with us and meeting with a recruiter so we can help to guide them more quickly to positions that might be the best fit for them.”
She said they helped set up interviews, match up workers with the departments and get them to the "forefront of the managers and the positions" they have.
One Fulton Medical Center employee said she may look for jobs in Columbia next. She said she asked the job fair recruiters questions about the technology the hospital has and is waiting for a call from a department. 
Huhman said, “We’d be happy to talk to somebody else who may come by, but our goal is to work with and help the Fulton Medical Center employees finding positions with the University of Missouri Health Care.”
Huhman said at least 40 people came to the fair. Those who couldn’t make it, she said, could call HR to set up tours and go through the application process.