Fulton Medical Hospital

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FULTON- Fulton Medical Center is getting a new name along with its new owner.

It will soon be called Christian Memorial Hospital of Callaway County.

The hospital's new CEO, Isabel Schmedemann, spoke with people on Thursday about the recent changes.

Fulton Mayor Leroy Benton explained his hopes for the talk before the meeting.

“I'm just hoping she's going to outline what services they're bringing back and what the future of the hospital will be,” Benton said.

The FMC was scheduled to close on Sept. 22, but EmpowerHMS bought the facility.

Benton said he was devastated to hear the hospital was closing and then elated when EmpowerMHS bought it.

Schmedemann said EmpowerHMS is trying to fix the problems that put the hospital in danger of closing.

Since EmpowerHMS took over the hospital, Schmedemann said they have not had a quiet day in the ER.

“To me that is the greatest gift, because that means our community is finding us again,” Schmedemann said.

Currently the hospital is struggling with its staff, they have 99 employees working at the hospital.

According to Schmedemann, it is more than they had a month ago, but less than they had before the hospital was slated to close.

The hospital is currently most in need of registered nurses and a master prepared social worker, according to Schmedemann.

Another problem the hospital is trying to solve is outdated technology, according to Schmedemann. The hospital is in need of new IV pumps and a CT scanner, they are currently using a mobile one after its old one quit working.

One of the original reasons the hospital was set to close was because of low patient numbers, Schmedemann said these numbers are getting better.

“Low patient volumes come from not having enough diversity in your programs,” Schmedemann said.

Schmedemann said with more nurses and more advanced technology they will be able to diversify and take on more patients.

Schmedemann hopes more Fulton citizens will stay in Fulton for their healthcare.

"The impact you community members have on the hospital is huge."