Fulton officials using more discretion when dispatching snowplows

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FULTON - City officials said Tuesday they are using better judgment when deciding to dispatch snowplows during winter weather. This comes after complaints from local residents who said the plows were not being used enough during the first two snow events of the year.

The previous policy called for city streets to be plowed only if there were 2 or more inches of snow on the ground. Interim City Engineer Kyle Bruemmer said the city will now take more factors into account when deciding to dispatch snowplows.

“We’ll take a closer look on what weather is going to be like in the future, what it’s like now, and even if we need to send our guys out and pre-treat roads before the snow event occurs,” he said.

Bruemmer said the busier roads will still have priority over smaller side streets.

“If the snow is falling fast enough we may have to focus more of our energy on main roads,” he said. “Sometimes it takes longer to get our snowplows to the side streets.”

The City Council advised making the adjustment to the policy during its meeting earlier this month. City Councilman Mike West said emergency crews would also play a role in deciding to send out street crews.

“The police or fire departments should call out the street crews if they feel the need,” he said.

Bruemmer said complaints about plowing roads can be submitted to City Hall.