Fulton opens hazardous waste collection center

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FULTON - The Tennyson Road Fire station is preparing for the first hazardous and e-waste collection event of the year.

Starting tomorrow, mid-Missouri residents can drop off their expired or unwanted waste items in Fulton.

The station will host the event every second and fourth Saturday of the month from 9a.m. to 1p.m.

Fulton’s public information officer Darin Wernig said reservations are required and some items may require special collection procedures.  

“If somebody does have some pills that they no longer need or have expired and they just want to get rid of them, when you call to make a reservation, it’s important to let us know that you do have those because then we’ll have a police officer here to help handle those and they will properly dispose of those items,” Wernig said.

Drug disposal can be done anonymously.

The list of waste accepted is expansive. Items that residents can drop off include batteries, old electronics, insecticides, shoe polish and household cleaners.

Wernig says a lot of items lying around in garages and houses are acceptable.

“I think pretty much that anything you think of as being toxic, a lot of those items we do accept.”

There are some exceptions to the list of allowable hazardous waste disposal. Anything containing asbestos, explosives, needles and tires should be taken elsewhere.

Spring and summer months are the most ideal time for collection, according to Wernig.

“Usually, it’s a seasonal item. You think of spring cleaning, and so that’s a time a lot of people go through their house and try to clean things up….and also too, weather. If you have it open during the winter, that could cause some issues when it snows,” Wernig said.  

The center will open through October.