Fulton Pet Ordinance

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FULTON- As Fulton Mayor Charles M. Latham prepares to step down, the new mayor will decide Tuesday what to do with pet ordinance complaints. At the last city council meeting, one resident proposed a ban on pit bulls after his own dog was bitten by one. City Administrator Bill Johnson said he anticipates that the new mayor will create a special committee to look into the current ordinance. He said he does not anticipate any action to be taken in the immediate future.

Many pet owners in Fulton and the rest of the state are against local government banning specific breeds of dog. Kayla Araney lives in Fulton and used to own a pit bull. She says it is not fair for someone else to tell her what kind of dog she raises.

"I think it's more the owner's fault then anybody [else]," Araney said. "If the dog's brought up in a mean environment, she will grow up mean."

However, other pet owners concede that pit bulls are very strong animals and if they are bothered they may be violent. Sandy Corbet, the President of the Humane Society in Callaway County, said that more then half of the stray dogs at her rescue center are pit bulls or mixed with pit bulls.

According to pitbullsontheweb.com, there is at least a partial pit bull ban in more than 50 towns in Missouri. Most recently, Kirksville passed an ordinance that forces pit bull owners to register with the city and provide proof of public liability insurance for up to $100,000 for injury to or for damage to property.