Fulton police investigating string of storage unit burglaries

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FULTON - Fulton Police say they're investigating a rash of storage unit burglaries, looking into 10 so far in 2018.

Lieutenant Bill Ladwig said, "We took all of these reports at the same time because one of the caretakers of the storage cite noticed some locks cut off doors. And that led to other storage units that were checked."

Ladwig said storage units in rural areas can run into a lot of problems.

"It's sometimes tough to detect because some of the storage facilities are a little isolated, there a little hidden from the roadway, so sometimes they don't stand out to people passing by, Ladwig said."

Ladwig said rural area's storage units can also be less secure.

"In larger cities a lot of larger facilities will have, they'll be gated and to be able to get into a storage facility you'll have to enter a code into keypad, it would open a gate. And a lot of storage facilities in much larger cities are actually indoors."

Some of the storage units have video cameras, and the department is using that to find leads.

"We have had luck in the past in catching people stealing from storage units and using some of the video surveillance that some of these sites do have we hope to piece together some leads," Ladwig said.

There has been nine cases in one particular spot on Highway 54.

"We are stepping up our patrols in those areas, hoping to catch somebody that's not supposed to be there," Ladwig said.

He said there are a couple of things people should do to make sure their storage unit is safe.

"We ask people to check their storage regularly, to go by and make sure the lock is still on the door...take pictures and take inventory and have a good idea of what's in those units to help us look for missing items," Ladwig said. 

Another tip is to purchase round locks.

"Sometimes locks will be cut off, another lock may be put on in its place so the key that you have may not work, He said, But I do recommend people getting the round locks that are much tougher to cut off."

54 Storage in Fulton is the first unit Daniel Doran and his wife have used, and this recent rash of burglaries played into their decision.

"We made sure we picked an area that had a lot of traffic and visibility, places that people would see it, especially with units being broken into," Doran said.

Doran has never had anything stolen, but knows someone who has.

"My sister actually had a lot of stuff stolen from her unit...it's really sad, it's sad that people would do something like that and that we have to worry about something like that in the world that we live in today, but you know things happen," He said. "I think that if anybody's doing something like that shame on them, you know people shouldn't have to live in fear about their valuables."

Ladwig says if you know anything about the storage unit burglaries, call the Fulton Police Department.