Fulton Police Search For Woman Involved in Hit and Run

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FULTON - Officials from the Fulton Police Department are searching for a woman who is being accused by a mother for running over her son's foot and driving away Thursday evening. Columbia resident Erica Shulte said she was at a park on Westminster Road in Fulton when a woman in a shiny, silver, four-door sedan ran over her son's foot and drove away.

Shulte said she was sitting at the baseball diamond when she called to her son who was playing at the playground to come sit with her. She said she heard some commotion and looked over to see a woman yelling at her son. Schulte said the car quickly drove away, and by the time she got there her son walked out from behind a parked car with a bleeding foot, saying the lady driving the silver car had run over him. Schulte took her son to the ER and he is now in a boot for his broken foot.

While Schulte was at the park Wednesday evening, she said she saw the car drive by again and stop near the park, but before Fulton Police arrived, the car was gone. Sargeant Ed Duvall said the case is at a stand-still until he can get more leads on the suspect. Officials from the department are asking anyone who sees a black woman who looks to be around 40 years old with long hair, driving a silver sedan, to contanct the Fulton Police Department immediately.