Fulton Prepares For Disaster

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FULTON - The Callaway County Health Department held an emergency preparedness drill Wednesday night. The drill is part of the Community Organizations Active in Disaster program, or COAD. COAD is composed of 3 agengies, which provide emergency management in the event of disaster. The recent incidents in Joplin and Sedalia are prompting COAD to make the community more aware of the training it offers. The program invites any member of the community to come out and not only develop ways to prepare, but also train to help each other after disaster.

COAD Coordinator Pam Phelps said the program has been around for years, but the with the recent destruction from tornados, a lot more people are making themselves aware of what COAD offers more seriously.

"The storm in Joplin was absolutely devastating, and people are coming out and participating to make sure they are prepared because Joplin could have easily been Fulton," Phelps said. "Even with all the preparing, we still won't know if we are totally prepared until after something happens."

One Fulton Pastor does drills twice a year at his church to prepare members for disaster.

"I just want to be a resource to my flock to get them prepared for something like Joplin or Sedalia," Bruce Williamson said. "I went to St. Louis last month and saw that destruction firsthand, so bringing the community together for times of disaster is very important."

COAD meets monthly at the Callaway County Health Department at 11:00 a.m. and also provides emergency kits for residents in case of disaster.