Fulton Public Schools looks to decrease class size, increase diversity

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FULTON – Fulton Public Schools is looking toward the future with its new strategic plan for 2017 to 2022. The plan contains six goals, including implementing desirable class sizes and having staff composition reflect the same diversity as the student population.

The state standards set limits on class sizes depending on grade. According to the superintendent of the Fulton School District, the standard class size is 25 students and the desired is around 17; Fulton is at about 20 students per class.

“Even though we say we haven’t met the desired size, we’re somewhere between the desired and the standard in all of our areas,” Jacque Cowherd said.

Enrollment is increasing from 2,247 students last year to 2,302 students this year.

"We’re going to need more space,” Cowherd said. 

Fulton is also trying to ensure that its staff is representative of its student population.

“We’ve had a big push the last three or four years to try to parallel that diversity, and we’re not doing it,” Cowherd said. “We’ve been targeting individuals from smaller colleges that typically have a rural background than an urban background.”

Cowherd said the department is also trying to recruit graduates of Fulton Public Schools to come back to teach.