Fulton Public Works crumbling warehouse being replaced

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FULTON - A new warehouse for the Fulton Public Works Department is under construction. Wednesday marked the start of a year-and-a-half long project.

The Fulton City Council approved the contractor, Curtiss-Manes-Schulte, Tuesday to build a new warehouse facility for the department.

The current building is more than 100 years old, and slowly crumbling to the ground. It's been used by the city for six decades.

"We've almost had roofs collapse, we've had holes in the walls, it's been pretty traumatic," Public Works employee Will Ferguson said.

Fulton officials said the size of the existing campus is not ideal for daily operations.

"There are a lot of vehicles that are left outside, a lot of equipment that's left to the elements and all of our vehicles are parked inside the campus, which makes it hard to move the big vehicles around," Director of Engineering Greg Hayes said.

The new steel warehouse will cost about $7 million, which comes from the city budget.

"It will bring us together into one administration location, and it will allow us to communicate better among our staff," Hayes said.

Fulton is not the only mid-Missouri town to have had a Public Works warehouse in disrepair.

Moberly's had a leaky roof a few years ago, which caused water to pool up and cause hazards to the employees.

Moberly Public Works Director Tom Sanders said the water leaking from the roof caused an unsafe work environment for the employees working in electric. Employees also had to take unusual measures to make sure equipment got in and out the building safely.

Jefferson City's Public Works Department built a new warehouse five to six years ago. Employees there said the old building was built in the 1930's and was entirely too small for the department.

The bays for the salt trucks were too small for them to properly and comfortably fit, City Engineer David Bange said.

The Jefferson City department still uses the old warehouse space for storage, but almost all of the equipment is at the new location.