Fulton Recycling Project Reaching More Than 400 Homes

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FULTON - City leaders said this week more than two thirds of the recycling carts bought for a pilot project are in use by city residents. A grant from the Mid-Missouri Solid Waste Management District of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) last fall enabled Fulton to buy 600 recycling carts. The carts come in three different sizes and can be rented by citizens for one dollar per month. That dollar is added to the customer's utility bill and weekly recycling pick up is no additional charge.

City Public Information Officer Darin Wernig said the recycling cart system has really made it easier for residents to recycle weekly or bi- weekly. Fulton resident Cathy Reid said the change has made it a lot easier for her family to recycle.

"This is much more handy because now I can just put my stuff directly in this recepticle and it looks a lot nicer, and I just put it out on my trash night, and its gone," Reid said.

The city purchased 600 carts in the fall and 407 are now out in various homes around Fulton. 193 carts are still available to the public. Citizens can obtain a cart by calling the city's solid waste department at 573-592-3176.