Fulton residents\' fire safety concerns prompt repairs

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FULTON - Fulton firefighters and supporters attended the city council meeting Tuesday night. 

The council meeting followed lots of disputes between firefighters and the council, including threats of a recall if the members did not act on several issues.

According to the firefighters' union, the goal of meeting was to renegotiate contracts. Firefighters say the issue was first brought to the council's attention this past March. 

Fulton firefighter supporters have also formed a Facebook support group named "Support Our Fulton Firefighters" to help them achieve their goal. For residents the concern has always been about safety. The administrator of the group, Terry Luebbert, said a new contract for firefighters is important and isn't about the money. 

"A contract gives the firefighters a voice and safety issues are taken care of through that," Luebbert said. "Pay is really the smallest part of all of this."

Luebbert said many of the trucks have had issues, which is a huge reason why residents feel so strongly on the matter. She said firefighters jobs are dangerous and to have safety concerns not taken of, makes it worse. One of the firetrucks had brakes replaced after the original installment was put on backwards and another had a horn repaired. 

"People could have gotten hurt, firefighters, citizens, a variety of incidents could have happened with bad brakes on a vehicle," Luebbert said. "It's important to the citizens of Fulton as well as the firefighters."

After a recent firefighter tragedy in Kansas City, she said the support is important because it shows the city's solidarity. Luebbert has created 100 signs in honor of the firefighters, and have asked residents who support the movement to place "Support our Fulton Firefighters" signs in their yards. 

She said that many residents feel strongly on the matter and the issue isn't a small one. 

"It's the safety of the firefighters and the citizens of Fulton, because when the equipment doesn't work they can't come take care of the citizens when they need help."

Firefighters also need a new ladder truck and better breathing devices when funds become available.