Fulton's business incubator is underway

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FULTON - Managing a business can be tough, but a new project in Fulton could help.

Fulton has been struggling to keep storefronts open and Show Me Innovation Center has been working for over a year putting together a business incubator to provide entrepreneurship and push innovation in the area.

Community leaders say it has been difficult to get start-up companies in the area due to the lack of young people staying in Fulton. 

"We're always hopeful that our young people have an opportunity to come back to their home town," Fulton Area Development Corp. President Bruce Hackmann said. 

One new Fulton business owner came back although she said most young people have left the area.

"I felt that it was time to come home," said Graphic Design business owner Tara Gall.

Part of this incubator will allow other business owners to mentor and help new businesses get started.

Gall said she hopes to help some of the new businesses with the incubator.

"I plan on being able to help mentor and providing services needed, whether they need business cards, or printing services," Gall said.

Hackmann said he wants help from surrounding communities. 

"We're trying to draw the people that have innovations and put them in a setting where they can feed off each other and really come up with the concept, the idea for businesses that they can grow and hopefully take to the next level and create jobs," Hackmann said. 

Hackmann said they are meeting with small businesses that need the support to move their business to the next level.