Fulton schools changing Hornet logo borrowed from Georgia Tech

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FULTON - The Hornet logo of the Fulton School District is being changed due to copyright issues.

The school district uses the Georgia Tech yellow jacket logo. The district pays the school a $1 nominal royalty fee each year to use the logo.

"We want to have ownership and creative control of how our hornet logo is used," said Fulton School District Superintendent Jacque Cowherd. 

Georgia Tech does not allow any alterations to its logo. Cowherd said the logo does not really fit the school district's needs. He wants the students to enjoy the high school experience.

"Our students like homecoming activities and they would like to adjust the hornet to the theme each year," he said. 

Many high schools use logos from collegiate and professional organizations, which are now getting more protective over them.

"Many universities now are seeking permission for the use of their logo. They need to protect that trademark as best they can," said MSHSAA Communications Director Jason West.

MU has also had an issue of the use of its logo. In March 2014, MU issued a complaint over a Pennsylvania high school tiger head logo because it looked too similar to Mizzou's.