Fulton Sells Fireworks for First Time

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FULTON - Fireworks dealers said Thursday their business has definitely grown since a new law allowed fireworks sales inside the city limits starting this week.The Fulton City Council passed the ordinance last year. That was the first year residents were allowed to use fireworks within Fulton. Dean Buffington, Fulton fire chief, said two businesses have applied for a license to sell fireworks.

One of those businesses is Peterson's Cosmos Fireworks on South Business 54. Susan Peterson has sold fireworks for the Fulton area for the last six years, all out in the county outside of city limits. But she's lived in Fulton for years and said she is glad the city changed the rules.

Buffington said when creating the ordinance, Fulton officials wanted to model it after the state law on fireworks. He also said safety and peacekeeping were major concerns. Because of that, Fulton residents can only use fireworks on July 3rd, 4th, and 5th between the hours of 1 pm and 11 pm. Residents told KOMU 8 buying near home is very convenient and Peterson said she saw no problems with the city ordinance's limitations.