Fulton shelter gives the homeless help and escape from cold weather

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FULTON - A homeless shelter, Our House, prepares "cold cots", extra space and warm bags to help people escape the dangerously cold temperatures.

"I don't take lightly that there are people out in the cold," said Misty Dothage, Our House executive director. 

Wiley House is one of the two Our House locations that serves as the overnight and emergency shelter. There are 17 beds available. However, Dothage said the shelter is expecting to hold at least 20 people and will make other necessary accommodations. 

For people wanting to stay and sleep on a cold cot, they are required to provide valid identification and a brief background check.

"As long as it's cold, we'll keep them on that cot. If a bed opens up, and they want to stay longer, we will move them to a transitional bed," Dothage said. 

People staying at the shelter will also have access to "warm bags" with hand warmers, hygiene items, a granola bar and a heavy-duty blanket. 

However, Dothage said the shelter is short on food after having extra people over the weekend.

"Food goes fast. All we have left is some snack food. I had to go to Walmart to get snacks and granola bar. I got some staple foods so that they can have something to eat tomorrow," Dothage said. 

A sewage flood in the basement also caused some problems for the shelter. A busted pipe caused the flood and left a slight smell throughout the shelter. Dothage hopes the city will repair the pipe soon.  

The shelter is a donations-based organization. To donate to the shelter, people can email, call, message Our House on Facebook or set up an appointment. 

"We believe that homelessness is a community problem requiring a community solution," Dothage said. 

Wiley House will be open all day Wednesday.