Fulton Shortstop Horstmeier Drawing Attention of Scouts

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FULTON, MO -- Dalton Horstmeier still has two more years of high school ahead of him and yet College Baseball coaches and scouts are already keeping a close on eye on the talented young shortstop.

Ethan Silverman, Missouri Prep Baseball Report Director said, "He's got the size, he's got the speed, he's got the ability at the plate. He can hit for average, he can hit for power. I think he's going to be a very exciting player to watch the next few years."

Horstmeier has been playing competitive baseball for nearly a decade and hopes to play Division One baseball after high school, but he trys to stay grounded and not look ahead, especially after what happened to him this past fall on the football field.

"A kid got me from behind, and I tried to keep my feet moving," said Horstmeier. "I put my left leg down and it went backwards and hyperextended and I partially tore my ACL."

Since then horstmeier has made a full recovery and has no residual effects from the injury.

Horstmeier said, "This year went very well actually. I hit like .531, hit in the 3 hole all year, played shortstop, got some awards."

Now Horstmeier is working to make his name known outside of Mid-Missouri. Currently Prep Baseball Report is in the process of creating an online player profile for him.

 "It's a recruiting tool for all these players," Silverman said. "It has all their measureables, has their 60 times. It has their velocities. It has a write up of what they did, with a highlight video as well."

It's something Horstmeier believes will help him reach the next level.

"Everybody's dream is to make the big-time and all that good stuff but if someone would express interest I would love to go D-1, and hopefully move on to minors, big leagues, wherever I can get to," Horstmeier said.

Horstmeier says when he graduates high school he would like to play baseball in the SEC and he wouldn't mind ending up at Mizzou.