Fulton Soldier Returns Home to Surprise Son

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FULTON - Courtland Simmons knew he was going to receive an award for perfect attendance at school Thursday. But he didn't know that his father, who has been serving in Afghanistan for more than a year, would be the one presenting it to him.

"He walked in this morning, and said his daddy wouldn't be here today," said Courtland's kindergarten teacher, "It took everything I had not to tell him."

Courtney Simmons, Courtland's father, is in the U.S. Army and hadn't seen his family since being deployed to Afghanistan last year. Before that, he served in Iraq.

Courtland's mom, LaTocha Simmons, said adjusting to a single parent lifestyle was hard for her and having to explain to her children why her husband couldn't come home was one of the most difficult parts.

"You're left trying to fill that void," said Latocha Simmons. "And it's hard because you know you can't replace that person."

Courtland told KOMU 8 he's happy his father is home and he can't wait for "daddy days" this summer.