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FULTON - Fulton Soup Kitchen is working to open its new location in Fulton, but a $1,700 utilities down payment stands in the way.

In September, Fulton Housing Authority notified Fulton Soup Kitchen it would no long provide the John C. Harris Community Center as the location for the soup kitchen to provide meals. The community center has been the location of the soup kitchen for the past 10 years.

While the community has provided temporary help, a long-term solution was necessary, Katherine Bader, President of Fulton Soup Kitchen said.

In early November, Treasurer Shane McKinnon wrote a letter to Casey's gas station asking that a vacant Casey's location, 214 West 4th Street, be donated to the soup kitchen. Casey's responded about a week later and agreed. 

The first problem holding volunteers back from remodeling the old gas station is the cost to get the utilities turned on, a $1,700 bill. The second is the cost to bring the four years unused store into a health code standard soup kitchen.

Volunteer Krystle McKenzie owned a business in Fulton from March to November. She said the price the city is charging seems a little high.

"I only paid about $250 deposit, that is a huge difference," McKenzie said. "The building I had was approximately the same size."

Fulton Director of Administration, Bill Johnson did not respond to KOMU 8 News' request to comment on the price.

To get the building remodeled, new floors, ceiling, and a commercial stove to name a few, the soup kitchen needs about $13,000 to $15,000, McKinnon said.

The Fulton Soup Kitchen is currently preparing meals at its sister soup kitchen in Holts Summit and delivers the meals outside of a Break Time gas station. 

"So many people in our community depend on the soup kitchen, especially during holiday seasons when our children don't have the extra lunch meal at school," McKenzie said.

Mckinnon said they're working diligently to raise the money. She said that while still being able to serve meals is a positive, they want to be able to provide the meals in a warm building.

"All we want to do is provide these people with a place to come, a place to feel like it's almost like home," he said.

Bader said any donation is greatly appreciated and she can be contacted via the Fulton Soup Kitchen Facebook page.