Fulton superintendent says gun threat at school not credible

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FULTON - Viewers reported a large police presence outside Fulton Middle School around noon Friday. 

Dispatchers received a call of a gun inside Fulton Middle School just after noon. Police arrived and determined everyone in the school to be safe, but kept officers there throughout the afternoon.

Superintendent Jacques Cowherd said he received a call around 12:20 p.m. and the school went on lock-down.

In the process of review, police traced the call from a phone inside Fulton High School.

After interviewing three people at the high school, they determined who the caller was and took one person into custody. 

When KOMU showed up at Fulton Middle School at 1:00 p.m, parents had gathered to pick up their children and a sign-out sheet was being passed around. 

Crystal Lesieur was at the middle school to check on her niece, a student.The student was sending concerning texts to her parents from inside the school.

"My niece started sending text messages to her dad that she was scared and that she loved him," Lesieur said. She added the messages said "we're in lock-down hiding in the library."

Cowherd said he's happy with the communication inside the middle school at the time but its hard to get clear messages to parents during time sensitive situations. 

"Communication to parents is never quick enough, kids are in the building texting their parents and we cant beat that. I feel like we handled it pretty well in keeping people as calm as we did," Cowherd said.