Fulton Woman Sells Store and Cat as Package Deal

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FULTON - Kathryn Wade owns Jinx Books in downtown Fulton, but she isn't the face everyone associates with the store.  Six-year-old Jinx Junior, or J.J., is the second cat named Jinx to watch over the store in the past decade.

"He is the store," said Wade. "I bet there are more pictures of that cat on phones in this town than any other animal. Everybody walking by has to stop and take a picture."

J.J. took over when the original Jinx died in 2010. Wade said it wouldn't be right to continue running the store without a Jinx.

"What's the point of having a sign that says Jinx books if you got no Jinx?" she said.

Wade has run the store for the past 4 and a half years, but the 72-year-old is ready to retire and travel.

The asking price for her store is $25,000, but the new owner will get more than the books.  They'll also get Jinx Junior.

"It's his store," said Wade. "Nobody really owns a cat."

Wade has thousands of books at the store and has another 1,500 on sale at Amazon.com. She said she'll miss J.J., but she'll miss her customers more. She hopes to have a buyer by labor day, but if there aren't any takers by then, she'll have a clearance sale for her books. She isn't too worried about that, though.

"He [J.J.] is probably worth more than the books," said Wade.