Fulton woman warns of car scam involving email, Facebook and Amazon

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FULTON - One woman is upset and warning others after someone tried to get her private information via Facebook Marketplace.

Jaylen Zeugin posted in a Fulton Facebook group showing someone had messaged her about a car they were trying to sell. The person said the SUV, "brings me bad memories, so that's the reason I want to sell it ASAP."

In Zeugin's case, the scammer wanted to use Amazon as a way to get the money and because it was safer. In the emails she shared with KOMU 8 News, the scammer wrote, "I gave it to a shipping company that will ship it to the next owner. I will make the deal only through Amazon."

She said this sounded "really strange" to her. 

"I told them I wasn't going to do that without test driving the vehicle," Zeugin said.

In her email responses, she told the scammer, "that makes no sense. Why would my safety be in jeopardy??"

She said she wanted to share her experience as a warning to people. 

"I want people to be aware of how easy this can be, just be careful," Zeugin said.

Experian has an article about the FBI warning consumers about similar scams targeting Amazon customers. It says the "seller" might use a logical explanation for selling the car at such a discounted price. Some of these include they: 

  • are moving soon or being deployed.
  • got the car as part of a divorce settlement.
  • it belonged to a relative who died.

Zeugin said she thinks scammers are getting smarter. 

"I think it will get worse. They are figuring out what's not working, why people aren't buying. I think that's another way of the back and forth emails," Zeugin said. "They are trying to figure out why you don't want it."

The Better Business Bureau said if consumers suspect something is a scam, they can report it to the scam tracker.

KOMU 8 reached out to Amazon, but haven't heard back from the company.