Future of house affected by landslide still uncertain

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CAMDEN COUNTY – The Mid-County Fire Protection District announced Wednesday its decision to let the home on Cub Cove Point collapse on its own. Due to a landslide the home was in danger of sliding into the Lake of the Ozarks. Earlier Wednesday Officials were keeping watching over the Camden County home for the third straight day.

One firefighter at the scene said he hadn’t noticed much change over the course of the night. He also noted the two houses next-door seemed fine.

Wednesday morning rain might have impacted the home’s position, according to the firefighter on duty. No immediate effects of the rain were visible though.

The Mid-County Fire Protection District (MCFPD) first received reports of the landslide on Monday.

MCFPD Chief Scott Frandsen said a St. Louis family owns the Cub Cove Point house as a second home and was not inside when the landslide occurred.The family has been notified of the firefighters' decision but has not been able to come retrieve its belongings. Frandsen said Ameren, The Dept. of Natural Resources and the homeowners will decide what to do about the debris after the fall.

Firefighters had no indication Wednesday afternoon of how long it would take for the house to collapse on its own. 

Fire Marshal Joe Brant said the state denied the option to burn the house due to high environmental risks.


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