Game Day Thefts Serve as Safety Reminder

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COLUMBIA - Police warned Friday that car break-ins and thefts to cars parked on Stadium Boulevard for this weekend's football game are possible, and should be a reminder to be careful what you leave in your car. 

Each week, about 20 to 40 break-ins and thefts occur in vehicles across Columbia. From Tuesday, Oct. 11th until Tuesday, Oct. 18th, 21 victims reported items stolen from their cars. Five of those thefts came from cars parked overnight on Stadium Boulevard for the football game. Despite the dark area and high volume of unattended vehicles, this is the first home game this year where break-ins were reported. 

Witnesses said there were likely more than the five thefts reported. One victim said about ten to fifteen of his friends had their vehicles broken into, but many chose not to report the incident since there is not much the police can do to help in this situation. 

The Columbia Police Department urged everyone to not leave any valuables in their cars including books, GPS system and wallets, and to always lock your doors, Also, if you are leaving your car overnight--especially for a football game--try to park as close to a light as possible.